Welcome to shinythings&esoterica, a high quality scans gallery from a vast multitude of sources and subjects, mostly jpop and kpop with a good helping of totally random. Our philosophies are fairly simple: shiny things are shiny, size =/= quality, obnoxious watermarks are obnoxious. Everything you find here will be clear, color corrected, large enough for the vast majority of uses, and with only a small watermark. Larger size scans are typically available upon request. More scans will be added regularly, so enjoy your stay and check back later for more~
tabris (webmaster) & kenaressa & elise

updates & affiliates

Because there are multiple people contributing to the site, the best way to tell what's been updated is by checking out the se_index community at livejournal. We're also open for affiliation; current affiliates and information can be found here. If you'd like to link back, feel free to snag one of our link banners to use.


Images from this site may be shared freely as long as the watermark is kept in tact. Do not remove it unless you are using the images for graphics or the like. Do not claim scans as your own. Credit is appreciated to shinythings&esoterica and/or to the individual scanner. Please do not add any additional credits. :D


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